Friday 15 April 2011

Sizewell Camp 2011

Photos from the camp and demo:

Skill Share, Network, Protest and Remember

Power for the people, not profits for the few

Fri 22 – Mon 25 April

Which tent would you choose?

Spend Easter weekend camping on the beach at Sizewell, on the picturesque Suffolk coast, eastern England, to show your opposition to new nuclear power and highlight the need for sustainable energy solutions.

The weekend will also mark the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. It includes a protest at the power station entrance, A public meeting, skill-sharing and info workshops, woodland and beach walks, vegan grub and networking. Now is the time to take action against new nuclear build. Come and join us to say:

Nuclear power? No thanks!
Come join us for a weekend of networking, protest, skill-sharing and remembrance.

camp [at]

The camp is organised by activists from the Stop Nuclear Power Network

The Camp
Good Friday, 22nd April (from 6pm) - Easter Monday, 25th April
Bring your own tent, bowl, spoon, mug, and anything else you might need.
Food provided by MouthMusic – suggested donation of £6 per day for 3 meals.- more if you can- less if you can't...

National demonstration
Saturday 23rd April, 12noon at the entrance to Sizewell A and B nuclear power stations. A demonstration and rally against nuclear power, and supporting sustainable alternatives.

12:00 Start Demo
12:30 Speakers Charles Barnett - Shutdown Sizewell, Ron Bailey – no need for nuclear
13:00 Theatre of war, music, radioactive man, tea and cakes - lunch , etc..
14:00 Speakers, Kate Hudson, Jeremy Corbyn and Mell Harrison (Stop Nuclear Power Network) and Camilla Berens (Boycott EDF) (double act)
14:30 Symbolic Blockade, Porta Party mk2 to dance too.


Seats will be available on the day: just turn up BEFORE 8.30am outside the CND Office at 162 Holloway Road N7 (near Holloway tube, Piccadilly line) BEFORE 9am outside Redbridge Station (Central Line) on the 23rd, and pay £20 (waged) or £10 (unwaged) for a return ticket. (Cash or cheque made out to “LRCND”.)

If you are coming, please phone David Polden on 020-7607 2302 by Thursday at the latest to tell him that you intend to come and whether you are joining the coach at Holloway Road or Redbridge.

Public Meeting
Saturday 7.30pm, Leiston Community Centre, King Georges Avenue, Leiston IP16 4JX, Suffolk (next to the fire station). See map here.

Workshops and Walks

Easter Sunday, 24th April
A number of workshops on the beach, including basic nuclear physics, why some environmentalists support nuclear power, alternative energy supplies and walks along the beach and into the woods EdF intend to destroy
  • Chernobyl - 25 years on. Nikki S.W.A.N
  • quick consensus decision making - Mell and Andreas SNPN
  • Basic nuclear physics - Pete-Sizewell Blockaders
  • What does risk mean and whats a sievert and other dose questions - Pete
  • Beach art activities for kids – Lou – Ringsfield Eco centre
  • Banner making workshop ; Gill and Matt – unclear-power
  • Tour around the Sizewell nuclear power station... with a map!
  • And anything anyone else would like to add.
Cinema 'after dark'.... Films include "COUNTDOWN TO ZERO", "THE WAR GAME" and other films both long and short...

Easter Monday, 25th April, 12noon
Remembering the many thousands of victims of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, 25 years ago, as well as the current and future victims of the unfolding catastrophe in Japan, and of all nuclear 'incidents'.

Pack up camp.

Getting there
Sizewell is on the Suffolk coast, about 8 miles from the A12 and 100 miles from central London. The nearest train station is Saxmundham, which is 7 miles from Sizewell.

The postcode for Sizewell is: IP16 4UE‎, if you want to look it up on the internet. View a map here.

About The Camp
We want as many people as possible to feel comfortable at the camp, so please no heavy drinking or loud music. The camp will not be run for you but by you, so please be prepared to help out with the running of the camp.

Please let us know (contact details below) if you are thinking of coming. For more info, or to book your place, please contact: camp [at]


Stop Nuclear Power London and South-East said...
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Stop Nuclear Power London and South-East said...

Help us to mobilise for the Sizewell camp 2011! Download the flier here (PDF file), make copies, distribute it.

Mark Syme said...

Hopefully the Japan disaster will put the brakes on the 'nuclear is the best option' argument. For my health and the health of my family I'm pretty happy about this.

We get enough irradiation in our food that is difficult or impossible to avoid. Although, some foods are able to support a healthier immune system that can help combat minute levels of irradiation. To find out more, check out

Look after yourself and sending best wishes to the the victims of the Japan earthquake.

Anonymous said...

Hey thats great to hear from your camp. our solidarity will be with you. we have here a big demonstration in northrhine westfalia, germany on easter monday in the small city of gronau where there is an enrichment facility for uranium. stop nuclear power and its industry now!

Anonymous said...

I think the Great Colchester Earthquake of 1884 is worth re-searching with a view to Sizewell. There was also a big earthquake in the late 1700's. I think the fault line runs down to Belgium/Germany where it has been active recently. Our biggest earthquake was also not far away on Dogger Bank in the North Sea.
Whilst not holding your views on nuclear power I do share with you concerns on safety.