Thursday 17 March 2011

Emergency Vigils for Japan

There are vigils for Japan and Fukushima taking place in the coming days in London, Bristol, Manchester, Edinburgh and Kendal. Details of the latter below:

Radiation Free Lakeland

Emergency Vigil for Japan

Please join us in expressing our sympathy for those affected. We will be urging the government to look at the Japanese lesson and aband
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on plans for the burial of high level nuclear wastes in Cumbria and new nuclear power stations in the UK.

We will meet at Kendal Market Place 10.30am this Saturday - join us in an emergency vigil for Japan.

The Japanese power companies were warned that it would be dangerous to build nuclear power stations on an earthquake fault line. In response, the regulators and power companies said all possible events had been taken into account.

They said the design and safety systems of the plants assured safety even in the event of earthquake and tsunami.

The same story is being played out in Cumbria. The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (Nirex) was warned by the conclusions of a public planning enquiry in 1997 that West Cumbria was geologically unsuitable for underground disposal of UK's 'legacy' nuclear waste. These findings have not been overturned. Instead the NDA and regulators have given assurances that they will engineer a solution to Cumbria's leaky geology so that they can dump high level nuclear wastes deep underground.

The petition opposing the burial of high level nuclear wastes from the worlds' spent fuel in Cumbria's leaky geology will be circulating following Saturday's Vigil

'No High Level Nuke Dump in Cumbria' petition to print off

Tel: 015395 63671
E-mail: rafl [at]

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Anonymous said...

i dont think cumbria should be used as a nuclear fuel dump. its a lovely place to live. the goverment is making this choice but realy the people in cumbria should have the right to pick. it carnt be good for the counrtyside the whole size of the dig must have negative consiquences. the people in cumbria should have the right to vote no to this happening niot the local council saying yes due to budget cuts. find somewhere else to do it or another method