Monday, 14 March 2011

From Fukushima to Hinkley: campaginers condemn the arrogance of the nuclear industry

From Fukushima to Hinkley: SWAN Condemns the arrogance of the Nuclear Industry

Campaign group, South West Against Nuclear have come out today to express sympathy and solidarity with the people of Japan who are not only facing an unimaginable natural disaster, but also a rapidly unfolding disaster that has human handprints all over it.

Says Debbie Richards" The Japanese Authorities have known for some time that they were due for a "big one" Whilst TEPCO knew that there were problems with their backup generators following the earthquake that rocked Fukushima #1 Plant in June just last summer"(1)

Whilst we know that the governments want people to remain calm we absolutely condemn the duplicity of so-called nuclear experts for deliberately misleading the public about what is happening in Japan, their assurances are completely unfounded. (2)

This sort of misinformation happened after Chernobyl and is one of the reasons that there was so much health damage to the people of Chernobyl.(3)

It's about time the people inside the nuclear industry faced up to the facts about nuclear power it is not safe and we do not need it - No to Nuclear New build in the UK.

We will be outside EDFs offices in Bridgwater this morning (Monday) from 10am until 11am, to demand that EDF owners of British Energy cease all nuclear generation at all of their sites in the UK and put an end to half a century of nuclear madness and to express our sympathy for the Japanese victims of this double disaster. The Nuclear industry is & always has been a killer.

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Note to Editors

(1) Downloadable factsheet about Fukushima available here

(2) This blog has been scarily accurate as it has followed the unfolding events in Japan


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