Sunday 26 April 2009

No to New Nuclear Power - Yes to Decentralised Energy!

Sizewell Tour
Saturday 25th April over 70 people attended a demonstration at the Sizewell nuclear power plants in Suffolk. It has recently been announced that Sizewell will be the possible site for two new reactors. Many of the protestors camped overnight and held a memorial service for the victims of the Chernobyl which occured exactly 23 years before.

Speakers included - Pete Wilkinson Co-founder of Greenpeace UK, CORWM, Peter Lanyon and Charles Barnet, Shut Down Sizewell Group, Mell Harrison, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Sizewell Blockaders, Rupert Read Green Party European candidate

Yet another letter was handed to the site challenging British Energy to have an open public debate with the protesters about nuclear power.

There was then a tour along the coast next to the site to show the various parts of the site and the proposed new site.

Many of the protesters camped overnight.

There was also street theatre from Theatre of War

Theatre of War
The protest was not just against nuclear power but also urged that cheaper, cleaner and safer alternatives be used. A good example of which has been carried out in Woking (see - for a more general discussion of the alternatives to nuclear to tackle climate change see Nuclear power: economics and climate-protection potential by AMORY B. LOVINS of the Rocky Mountain Institute.)

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