About Us

We are a UK-based non-hierarchical grassroots network of groups and individuals campaigning and taking nonviolent action against nuclear power and its expansion and supporting sustainable alternatives, so we can leave a nuclear-free, safe and healthy environment for future generations.

We are seeking to develop a strong and expanding network, building alliances with local, national and international campaigns that share our desire to resist the global expansion of the nuclear industry in creative and inspiring ways. More and more groups and individuals are voicing their concerns about a post-Chernobyl nuclear renaissance. This is important, but what we'd also love to see is more people getting organised and networked and putting their words into action using a range of campaigning tactics, including nonviolent actions, demonstrations, camps, street stalls, leafleting, artwork, poetry, music and eye-catching and memorable publicity stunts and street theatre.

The British Government and the nuclear spin doctors (including former Prime Minister Gordon Brown's younger brother, Andrew Brown at EDF Energy) have been working overtime to repackage nuclear power as a 'green' source of energy. They have been attempting to create divisions within the environmental movement and drown out dissenting voices. If we wait until the bulldozers move in, this will probably be too late. Now is the time to fight back (peacefully) and nip the "nuclear renaissance" in the bud.

Our vision is of a safe and sustainable low-carbon future for our children and grandchildren, based on more modest consumption, energy efficiency and conservation, and renewable and decentralised energy; a future in which we no longer have to rely on non-renewable and unsustainable uranium, plutonium and fossil fuels, and which will not lead to nuclear proliferation, more and deadlier radioactive emissions and a legacy of even more hazardous radioactive waste that we don't know what to do with. No more Chernobyls! No more Three Mile Islands! No more Windscales! We have no time to lose: the time to act is NOW. Join our network today!