Sunday 10 April 2011

Norwegians set up camp at Sellafield

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By Martin Wainwright, , 8 April 2011:

It's a sort of Greenham Common in Cumbria. Plus lots of women professors and the election candidate who puts dog-mess before votes

It's a long time since the Vikings were a regular nuisance along our northern seaboard, but a group of them are back at last.

A small band of Norwegians has set up a Greenham Common-style camp near the railway sidings at Sellafield, to protest against potential risks from the huge nuclear plant.

Their arrival coincided with a more official Norwegian delegation; the country's environment minister and two district mayors were shown round the site yesterday. Everyone was very polite and the protesters held a peaceful picket plus flag-waving at one of the works entrances before retiring to their longships.

Sorry, I meant tents.

Their spokesman Frank-Hugo Storelv, of Neptune Network, said: "Sellafield is positioned at an almost constant wind direction towards Norway. Even though the plant is struggling with technical difficulties, the management has decided to continue to receive nuclear waste for reprocessing.

"Neptune Network finds these things unacceptable and therefore we have established a camp by the railway at Sellafield so we can watch over this most serious activity."

A spokesman for the plant said: "We meet regularly with Neptune and other pressure groups and are always ready to discuss concerns that are raised by such organisations. On this occasion Neptune did not seek a meeting."

Maybe they'll bob in all this sunshine, at the weekend.

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