Friday 15 April 2011

National Demo - No to Nuclear Power! Power for the People, Not Profits for the Few! - Sat 23 April


For a sustainable, safer energy future.

Saturday 23 April, 12noon-3pm
Sizewell nuclear power station, Suffolk

No more Fukushimas
No more Chernobyls

  • Concerned by what’s happening at Fukushima?
  • Think that nuclear power is not the answer to climate chaos?
  • Want to be part of a sustainable energy future?

    Be part of the growing anti-nuclear power movement in the UK. Protest and mass mobilisation is working for the anti-nuclear movement in Germany: the government is planning to quit its nuclear addiction and swap over to sustainable energy.

    Join us to say:
Nuclear power? Not if we can help it!

Saturday 23 April, 12noon-3pm
Sizewell Nuclear Power Station, Suffolk

Speakers include:

Kate Hudson, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament;
Charles Barnett, Shutdown Sizewell;
Mell Harrison, Stop Nuclear Power Network.

The afternoon will also include tea and cake, street theatre, music and dancing.

Contact: demonstration [at]

Transport is being organised from London and probably elsewhere. Get in touch for details.

The protest is part of the action camp happening on Sizewell Beach from 22 to 25 April -

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