Monday, 22 February 2010

Sizewell Blockade updates

More photos from yesterday's blockade HERE

One of the male blockaders was getting the chills after lying in the rain for four hours and decided to self release. He was immediately arrested without warning on suspicion of aggravated trespass and taken to Lowestoft police station. The remaining blockaders were still in position as of 10.40am. One TV crew and several journalists were on the scene.

Mainstream coverage:

As of 11.10am, three blockaders remained in the road. A police cutting team had arrived and had erected a marquee around the remaining blockaders.

As of 12.10pm, another male had been arrested on suspicion of aggravated trespass, with the two remaining blockaders still being cut out of lock-ons by police.

As of 1.20pm, the two remaining blockaders (a female in her sixties and a male in his twenties) are still being drilled out of a concrete block lock-on. The police cutting team says it will take them at least another hour. They have now been in place for nearly seven hours.

2:40pm: Last blockader just drilled out and arrested after 8 hours in the cold and wet. Four people arrested in total.

Approx. 9.30pm: The four arrestees are released after being held in police custody for up to 11 hours and interviewed. They have been bailed to return to Lowestoft police station on 30th March, at 2pm.

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