Tuesday 21 December 2010

How to object to EDF's plans to desecrate 400 acres of Somerset coast

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Register your objection to EDF's planned desecration of over 400 acres of pristine coastal land and coastline of ecological and scientific importance. Details below. West Somerset District Council has said it will accept submissions up until the relevant planning committee meeting.

EdF's Application for Hinkley C “Preliminary Works”:

How To Object

Make sure you register your objection to EdF's application to carry out “Preliminary Works” for Hinkley C - in advance of receiving consent to build the power station itself. Full details of how to object can be found at the West Somerset Council website: Click here. A “non-technical summary” can be downloaded here and you can read the full application documents at WSC's Williton offices.

Public meetings about the application will be held in Stogursey (Friday 17 Dec, Victory Hall, 6.30-9.30pm) and Cannington (Wed 5 Jan, Cannington College , 6.30-9.30pm).

The Preliminary Works involve pre-construction activity across an area of more than 420 acres stretching from the Severn Estuary to the village of Shurton , filling in a beautiful valley and even starting excavation of the power station foundations down to a depth of up to 11 metres.

The plans include:

  • Removal of the majority of trees and hedges
  • Filling in a valley with excavated earth
  • Closure of existing footpaths and bridlepaths, including the coast path
  • Security fencing round the whole area
  • Stripping topsoil and vegetation to make a terraced area for the proposed nuclear reactors
  • New roads built across the site
  • Underground streams re-routed
  • The excavation of more than 2.3 million cubic metres of soil, sub-soil and rocks. This would be enough to fill Wembley Stadium twice over.
  • Noise and dust from the excavation work and thousands of heavy goods vehicle movements
  • Construction of new flood protection along the coast 
  • Construction of a jetty out into the sea (separate application to the Maritime Management Organisation)

    This work will also affect wildlife and protected areas:
    • The coastline bordering this land is part of the Bridgwater Bay Site of Special Scientific Interest. Bridgwater Bay 's shallow waters and mudflats are a sanctuary for thousands of waders, ducks and other sea birds, especially in winter.

    • The site is also bordered by Special Protection Areas, Special Areas of Conservation and a National Nature Reserve. Bridgwater Bay is designated as a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention.

    • Bird species found in the area include skylark, lesser whitethroat, Cetti's warbler and nightingale.

    • Many species of bat frequent the site, including the relatively rare lesser horseshoe variety.

    You should object to the application on all these grounds, as well as the overall point that EdF are jumping the gun, there is no urgency and they will never be able to return the land to its original state should they fail to get approval for Hinkley C.

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    Morag Carmichael said...

    I object to the plans to carry out "Preliminary Works" for Hinkley C on the grounds that permission may yet not be granted for the building of Hinkley C, and the preliminary works would be enormously destructive to woodland and beach areas which attract much wildlife, and could never be fully restored once destroyed.They include an area of Special Scientific Interest.I also object to the building of Hinkley C itself, on the grounds that a nuclear accident can never be ruled out, and because the waste can never be stored in a way which can be guaranteed not to affect future generations.