Friday, 18 February 2011

Nuclear resistance teach-in and skills-share weekend, 19-20 Feb, near London

A chance to learn and share info about why we urgently need to resist new nuclear build and promote sustainable alternatives, and develop skills to help us do it.

* Workshops from 10am SAT to 4pm SUN
* Crash space available Friday night to Sunday night
* Venue: Grow Heathrow, Vineries Close, Sipson, West Drayton, Middlesex UB7 0JG
(Just outside London - public transport from London terminals - bus 222 from West Drayton / Uxbridge)

MEALS: Vegan meals will be provided (see below for details). All food will be vegetarian.

FRI: Food may not be provided
SAT LUNCH: Pot-luck picnic: please bring veggie/vegan food to share
SAT DINNER: Cooked vegan meal
SUN: Breakfast and vegan lunch provided, dinner not guaranteed

COSTS: Whatever you can afford. Donations towards food, speakers' travel expenses and use of venue; plus separate donation towards possible travel pool to help skint people who had to travel from further afield.

BOOKING YOUR PLACE: Let us know ASAP if you're coming so we get enough grub in, can assess people's needs, send you details of the programme and can inform you of any changes / public transport problems, etc. From Friday onwards, you'll need to get in touch by phone.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS - Please get in touch ASAP if you have any particular requirements, e.g. dietary / mobility / sensory impairment / pet llamas / children / allergy to people.

SLEEPING: Cabin crash space available Friday evening to Sunday evening, plus lots of camping space. Bring sleeping bag / thermals. Bring a tent if you want to camp - plenty of space.

You can probably stay longer if you want to - if so, please get in touch with Grow Heathrow direct, via their website (see link above).

WORKSHOPS - These will start on Saturday morning, from 10am, and finish on Sunday afternoon, around 4pm.

Possible info / discussion workshops:

- Introduction to nuclear physics
- Why is nuclear power bad and not a solution to climate change?
- What are the low/zero carbon alternatives? Are they practical?
- Current situation and resistance:
     * Hinkley Point and Sizewell
     * Boycott EDF campaign
     * Making links with other campaigns, e.g. anti-cuts,
        peace/anti-militarism, climate change

     * Other campaigns

Possible skills-sharing workshops (depending on demand):

- Planning a campaign strategy
- Basic Non-violent Direct Action (NVDA) skills - affinity groups, blockading, quick consensus, role play, etc
- Getting up trees, tripods, etc
- Legal implications of taking NVDA
- Creative action
- Public speaking
- Dealing with the media
- Other suggestions?
london [at]

Kick Nuclear / Boycott EDF
Stop Nuclear Power Network

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