Monday, 16 November 2009

No New Nuclear - Planning to Win: This Weekend!

November 2009, Saturday 21st, 11am - 6pm; and Sunday 22nd, 10am -5pm, Central London

E-mail nonewnuclear [at] now to get crash space and details of the venues.

There are no costs to the weekend, though donations are welcome to fund action.

For grassroots campaigners to network, share ideas and info, and make plans to win.

By developing skills and confidence in creating and implementing campaign and action plans, we can identify when and where our interventions can be most successful.

Over the weekend we will have:

  • Reflection on the successes of the anti nuclear movement.
  • A presentation from Ben Ayliffe, Greenpeace's nuclear power campaigner.
  • A presentation from a representative of the French network "Sortir du NuclĂ©aire" on the ongoing calamities with EPR reactors (the types of nuclear reactors being proposed for the UK).
  • Discussion and making plans to stop a new generation of nuclear power plants.
  • Skills workshops such as: Strategic Action Planning and Dealing with the Media.
  • Meet and build networks with a broad range of people opposed to new nuclear.

nonewnuclear [at]

In collaboration with the Nuclear People Power network
Follow on Twitter: @NukePeoplePower

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