Thursday, 4 March 2010

Dinner welcome for nuclear cheerleaders

Big bods from the nuclear industry were in London this week for yet another nuclear new build conference.
Credit: D. Viesnik

A small 90 minute demo was held outside a gala dinner for the nuclear industry on Tuesday (3 March) at the Park Lane Hotel in Mayfair, which (unelected) Business Secretary Peter Mandelson was due to speak at. Participants wearing white overalls, a gas mask and a construction helmet held up a banner reading "Green Solutions Not Nuclear Greenwash" and handed out flyers explaining why nuclear power is a false solution to climate change.


marianne b said...

Here in Cumbria they say the cooling pond water is untainted by radiation - and released from the Sellafield waste streams into the rivers Ehen and Calder

Perhaps the nuclear nectar should be bottled for the next nuclear cheerleaders jamboree?!

Anonymous said...

The nuclear fatcats can eat all the dinners they like, it may be their last in power as the decisions disregard as usual so much public dissent. To progress a nuclear revival in the face of economic recession just shows the depth of their cloudcuckoo illusions. News from Derby is that the swans paddling in the Derwent
are radioactive.