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International criticism concerning the trade of stocks from nuclear companies is defamed by the CCI

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The Frankfurt (Main) Chamber of Industry and Commerce (CCI) shows
insensibility and a lack of professionalism in handling critics.
International criticism concerning the trade of stocks from nuclear
companies is defamed by the CCI.

Frankfurt (Main). Environmental organizations and activists from the
international ”Nuclear Heritage Network” of anti-nuclear activists
are outraged by the way the Frankfurt (Main) Chamber of Industry and
Commerce handles critics of their trading in nuclear stocks. As the
alliance of activists from more than 10 countries learned recently,
the CCI defamed an action at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange that took
place on this years first trading day, January, 2nd 2009 – the CCI
pressed charges against an activist.

In conjunction with an international seminar, attended by
anti-nuclear activists from France, Finland, Bulgaria, Russia and
Germany, the trade of stocks from nuclear companies and the
encouragement of this dangerous and potentially hazardous technology
was criticized. Activists uncoiled a banner more than 10 meters long
in front of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange stating: ”Nuclear Stocks =
Time-Bomb”. Additionally, a symbolic ”nuclear time-bomb” was handed
to a representative from the stock exchange. The activists demanded
an immediate stop in trading with dangerous shares and an end of all
nuclear projects worldwide. The gathering was properly filed in
advance and received solidary support from merchants that handed out
free drinks to the activists.

On the spot the stock exchange showed professionalism and easily
accepted the present – a nuclear time-bomb constructed from
cardboard. However, it became known that a month and a half later a
criminal proceeding against one of the activists was triggered by the
CCI as owner of the stock market grounds. She is faced with charges
of trespassing for trying to climb the buildings facade without
permission. Although the contended incident happened after the end of
the demonstration, anti-nuclear activists from all over the world
express their solidarity with the concerned person.

”The CCI in cooperation with the Frankfurt police obviously tries to
criminalize an unwanted activist. While on the spot a representative
from the stock exchange exposed professionalism and openness towards
criticism, pressure is now applied on political critics on the crook.
The CCI took more than a month to realize that it felt compromised in
its rights”, is what Falk Beyer, an activist from the ”Nuclear
Heritage Network” states. ”It is obvious, that this is an attempt to
overload a critic with criminal charges to stop his/her political
activism. However, it is not the activist who is criminal, but the
nuclear industry endangering and even destroying the lifes of
countless people with its greed for profit and power. Criminal are
those institutions that profit from the trade in stocks from nuclear
companies. And criminal is the police in repeatedly applying measures
against anti-nuclear activists that have been clearly judged as

Several preliminary proceedings have been launched against the French
climbing activist in the past months. The charges and handling of
others involved suggest that the motive on the side of the police is
not the prosecution of alleged offenses, but rather to muzzle an
obnoxious activist. Regularly, she is being denied legal
representation and an interpreter during proceedings.

”Through the pressing of charges, the CCI shows that it lacks
sensibility and professionalism in handling legitimate criticism.
Instead of dealing with the criticism of nuclear trade at the stock
exchange, the CCI goes on the offensive against critics”, says Beyer.
”The Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the shareholders and organizations
trading there, as well as the CCI that went to action in this case
are jointly responsible for thousands of victims to so called 'low
level radiation' from the ongoing operation of nuclear facilities,
responsible for thousands of victims from nuclear accidents,
responsible for uncounted victims of the polluting and unhealthy
mining of Uranium and the associated deprivation of indigenous
people, and furthermore responsible for the radiant heritage of the
nuclear industry.”

For further information, please contact:
* Falk Beyer, activist of the "Nuclear Heritage Network":
* C├ęcile Lecomte, attacked activist: +49-163-7342462
* Andrey Ozharovskiy, participant of the action from Russia:
* Bernhard Riepl, Austria/Czech Republic: +42-0775383750

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